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mugavu wood tic tac toe game

mugavu wood tic tac toe game

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take tic tac toe on the go. great for kids and adults. it includes nine mugavu wood pieces: 4 x's and 5 o's; and a kitenge fabric game board that doubles as a carrying case.

measurements: bag/game board 7.5 x 6.75", pieces 1.75"

made from mugavu wood

the tic tac toe set is lovingly handcrafted by micheal & his team in uganda. micheal is a skilled wood carver who learned this unique trade from a grandfather he never knew and whose work he never saw. humble and quiet, micheal prides himself on creating a quality product that shows the beauty of the native tree of his village. micheal also patiently works to train others, so that they too have an opportunity to generate income for their families. micheal lives with his precious wife and three children, outside of kampala, uganda

the kitenge bag the set comes in that also doubles as the game board is handmade by caroline. caroline lovingly creates both her own line of products and the designs we dream up, together! caroline learned basic sewing skills from her “mum,” at a young age and later attended University, where she furthered her skills. She’s been designing and stitching her beautiful textiles ever since! caroline, along with her husband, vincent, live in entebbe, uganda, where she works from home while caring for her two precious boys, nehemiah and grace.  

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