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mugavu wood ellie family

mugavu wood ellie family

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celebrate family in the home with the most precious wooden ellie family made from uganda's mugavu tree. each family member is carved to go down in size perfectly.

measures from biggest to smallest: 2.75", 2", 1.75", 1.5", 1", and 0.87"

made from mugavu wood which is related to the mahogany family

    hand-carved with love by micheal & his team in uganda using beautiful mugavu wood. micheal is a skilled wood carver who learned this unique trade from a grandfather he never knew and whose work he never saw. humble and quiet, micheal prides himself on creating a quality product that shows the beauty of the native tree of his village. micheal also patiently works to train others, so that they too have an opportunity to generate income for their families. micheal lives with his precious wife and three children, outside of kampala, uganda.  

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