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wool dryer balls

$ 30.00

handmade with love in nepal.

these uniquely made wool dryer balls are not only kind to our earth (goodbye scented dryer sheets!), they also; cut down on drying time, reduce static, attract lint, soften clothes and last up to five years!

sold as a set of three & packaged in a beautiful handmade "lokta" paper box (also made in nepal). The new all gray set comes in a muslin bag.

each ball measures 3 inches in diameter. 100% wool.

colors have been tested and will not bleed on clothes.

dryer balls are unscented, but using a drop or two of an essential oil will give you the fragrance you desire without the toxins.

instructions for use; place all three dryer balls in the dryer just as you would dryer sheets. run drying cycle as normal.

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