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one little world

one little world is a small, but growing, fair trade company based in richmond, virginia. 

after graduating from grad school back in 2004, i traveled down to ecuador to teach...and it was there and then that a whole new world of buying products came to light...  

one little world partners with skilled artisans in ecuador, uganda, nepal and kenya, using local and sustainably harvested materials to create uniquely gorgeous designs that truly stand out!

materials include: acai, pambil and huayruro seeds, tagua nuts and coconut, all gathered from the amazonia region of ecuador. in addition our products include too, wool, hemp, tree branches and bark.

materials have been colored through a natural dye process. no animals or trees have been harmed in the collection of these materials and local producers of each area are provided the opportunity to support their families and communities through this simple model of fair-trade.

one little world's fair-trade goals include:

- paying our artisans, fairly and upfront, regardless if a product sells or not. 

- helping to create healthy sustainability and positive growth within families and communities.

- taking care to protect every environment.

be part of changing a life! support one little world and support fair-trade!

~ handmade, fair-trade, earth-kind products from around our world ~