about one little world

one little world is a small, but growing, fair trade company based in richmond, virginia. 

after graduate school in 2004, i traveled to ecuador to teach.  it was there and then that a whole new world of purchasing power came to light...

i remember being told that while shopping at the markets, i had to be ready...ready to bargain and ready to walk away if what i wanted to pay wasn't accepted.  but that advice didn't make sense, it didn't feel right.  seeing all the beauty in that otavalo market (and every other market, in every other country, since), knowing i wanted to own some of that beauty, the only thing that made sense was paying what was fair.  and to do that, i had to have some honest conversations with the sellers (around this time too, i decided that i would only purchase items made by the artisan.  no middle guys!).  amazing things come to light when you begin to ask questions.  you realize these "producers" aren't much different than anyone else i know.  most are parents, wanting, like i do, the best for their children.  to feed them, dress them, provide a safe and warm home...to send them to school.  

when you buy fair trade, you're making the statement that you value and support these ideals AND the individuals, families and communities that benefit from them!  buying fair trade is a simple way of saying "i want to be part of something fair."  


one little world partners with skilled artisans in ecuador, uganda, nepal and kenya, using local and sustainable materials to create uniquely gorgeous designs that truly stand out!

materials for our jewelry include; acai, pambil and huayruro seeds, tagua and coconut, all gathered from the amazon region of ecuador. other products materials are produced with; wool, hemp, wood.

just some of one little world's fair-trade goals include:

- paying our artisans, fairly and upfront, regardless if a product sells or not. 

- create healthy sustainability and positive growth within families and communities.

- taking care to protect every environment.

be part of changing the life of someone afar! support one little world, support fair trade!