Northern Italy -
Our first European trip together
October/November 1991

We spent quite a bit of time planning this trip together, but looking back on
it now it’s amazing how much we decided to “wing it” once we were over
there. Marisa had been to Italy before, but this was to be Chris’s very first
trip to the continent…and it proved quite a memorable experience!

Note: This trip took place before Allie was even a twinkle in her daddy’s
eye, so she does not appear anywhere in this trip report. And, because of
her birth a year and a half later, this would be our last European vacation
for several years to come.

Although this two-week trip began and ended in Munich, Germany, the vast
majority of our time was spent in Italy. It lasted from late October through
early November, and included overnight stops in Merano, Verona,
Bergamo, Santa Margherita Ligure, Florence, San Gimignano, Cortona,
Perugia, Ferrara, Asolo and Munich. None of the accommodations were
booked in advance, as we believed reservations would be unnecessary at
that time of year. This belief would prove to be only somewhat true (more
on this later).

As Charles Dickens once put it, it was the best of times; it was the worst of
times. The weather was far chillier and wetter than we had anticipated,
Marisa’s health was an issue during the first half of the journey, and we
made a great many “rookie” mistakes in planning and execution at nearly
every stop. But we came away with a bounty of experiences, memories and
photographs to last a lifetime. The bottom line: you can do everything
wrong and still have an excellent time in Northern Italy!

Munich to Verona
Bergamo to Santa Margherita Ligure
Florence to Cortona
Perugia to Munich

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San Gimignano
Florence - Duomo